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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Seizoen 6
DVD cover art
Netwerk UPN
Looptijd 2 oktober 2001
21 mei 2002
Afleveringen 22 afleveringen
Eerste aflevering Bargaining, Deel Eén
Laatste aflevering Grave
DVD uitgaves
Regio 1 25 mei 2004
Regio 2 12 mei 2003
Regio 4 20 april 2003
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Lijst van afleveringen[]

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serie seizoen
Bargaining 1 Screenshot14710116ABB012 oktober 20017.7
"Bargaining, Deel Eén
Regisseur:David Grossman
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Giles leaves town after wondering whether he still has a place in Sunnydale without Buffy. A vampire discovers that the Slayer has been replaced by a robot. Meanwhile, The Scoobies attempt to raise Buffy from the dead with a powerful spell. 
Bargaining 2 Screenshot14810226ABB022 oktober 20017.7
"Bargaining, Deel Twee
Regisseur:David Grossman
Schrijver:David Fury
Sunnydale is invaded by a gang of biker demons who, having learned that the Slayer is a robot, wreak havoc on the town. Meanwhile, the Scoobies attempt to flee from the demons while the real Buffy, having been resurrected from the dead, returns to the place of her death for an emotional confrontation with her younger sister. 
After Life Screenshot15010336ABB039 oktober 20015.6
"After Life
Regisseur:David Solomon
Schrijver:Jane Espenson
Spike warns that the resurrection spell could have serious consequences, and his assessment proves to be correct as members of the gang are possessed by an unseen force. 
Flooded Screenshot15210446ABB0416 oktober 20016.0
Regisseur:Douglas Petrie
Schrijver:Jane Espenson
Douglas Petrie
Buffy faces financial problems while Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan team up in order to take over Sunnydale. They send a M'Fashnik demon to kill Buffy, whom they believe to be their biggest threat. 
Life Serial Screenshot15410556ABB0523 oktober 20015.7
"Life Serial
Regisseur:Nick Marck
Schrijver:David Fury
Jane Espenson
Buffy is in serious need of money to support herself and Dawn, and she tries to focus on bringing in some money. However, her attempts fail as Jonathan, Warren, and Andrew create a number of obstacles to test her ability. 
All the Way Screenshot15610666ABB0630 oktober 20015.2
"All the Way
Regisseur:David Solomon
Schrijver:Steven S. DeKnight
Xander finally announces his engagement to Anya, and the Scoobies go back to Buffy's house to celebrate. Dawn sneaks out on Halloween by lying to Buffy but finds the boy she is falling for is a vampire, despite the fact he shouldn't be out on Halloween. Willow and Tara argue about Willow's overactive use of magic. 
Once More Screenshot15810776ABB076 november 20015.4
"Once More, with Feeling
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
A mysterious force compels Sunnydale residents to break out into song and dance numbers that reveal their true feelings, and a new demon in town, Sweet, seems to be responsible for it. Buffy and Spike share a kiss. 
Tabula Rasa Screenshot16010886ABB0813 november 20015.4
"Tabula Rasa
Regisseur:David Grossman
Schrijver:Rebecca Rand Kirshner
Willow and Tara argue over an amnesia spell, and Tara insists that Willow is dependent on magic. Willow promises to go a week without using magic but breaches the promise, causing the gang to forget who they are. Buffy and Spike kiss again. Giles goes back to London. Tara and Willow break up. 
Smashed Screenshot16210996ABB0920 november 20015.4
Regisseur:Turi Meyer
Schrijver:Drew Z. Greenberg
Willow finds herself alone without Tara and discovers she's now powerful enough to turn the metamorphosed Amy from a rat back into human. They go out partying while Spike discovers that he can hurt Buffy. 
Wrecked Screenshot163110106ABB1027 november 20015.6
Regisseur:David Solomon
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Buffy is shaken by her previous meeting with Spike the night before, where they slept together and caused the building around them to collapse. Amy takes Willow to a sorcerer called Rack whose power gets her hooked. However, it ends with devastating consequences. 
Gone Screenshot165111116ABB118 januari 20025.2
Regisseur:David Fury
Schrijver:David Fury
A social services worker threatens to take Dawn away from Buffy. Jonathan, Warren, and Andrew attempt to make themselves invisible, but the beam accidentally hits Buffy. 
Doublemeat Palace Screenshot168112126ABB1229 januari 20025.6
"Doublemeat Palace
Regisseur:Nick Marck
Schrijver:Jane Espenson
Buffy gets a job at the Doublemeat Palace, but soon becomes paranoid about the mysterious secret ingredient in the food. Anya is visited by her old friend, Halfrek, who questions her relationship with Xander. 
Dead Things Screenshot170113136ABB135 februari 20025.2
"Dead Things
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:Steven S. DeKnight
Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan try to make Warren's ex-girlfriend Katrina their sex slave using magic, but when she fights back Warren kills her. They decide to make Buffy think that she has killed Katrina, using magical and demonic forces. 
Older and Far Away Screenshot171114146ABB1412 februari 20025.0
"Older and Far Away
Regisseur:Michael Gershman
Schrijver:Drew Z. Greenberg
Dawn, feeling that nobody wants to spend time with her, makes a wish in front of a vengeance demon that everyone would stay with her. Fulfilling her wish, the demon causes everyone at Buffy's birthday party to be unable to leave. 
As You Were Screenshot174115156ABB1526 februari 20024.7
"As You Were
Regisseur:Douglas Petrie
Schrijver:Douglas Petrie
Riley returns to town - newly married - and enlists Buffy's help to track down a demon. Her encounter with Riley causes Buffy to end her relationship with Spike. 
Hell's Bells Screenshot176116166ABB165 maart 20025.6
"Hell's Bells
Regisseur:David Solomon
Schrijver:Rebecca Rand Kirshner
Before Xander and Anya's wedding, Xander's future self suddenly appears, and warns him that his marriage to Anya will be the beginning of a life of disgrace and pain. Xander is shown flashes of the future, convincing him to call it off, but later it is discovered it is only a demon taking revenge on Anyanka from her demon days. Nevertheless, the wedding doesn't go ahead and Anya and Xander break up. 
Normal Again Screenshot177117176ABB1712 maart 20025.0
"Normal Again
Regisseur:Rick Rosenthal
Schrijver:Diego Gutierrez
Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew unleash a demon whose powers make Buffy believe that her friends are figments of her imagination. Buffy attempts to attack her friends, locks them in her basement and unleashes the same demon on them. Tara eventually finds the trio and Buffy recovers from the demon's poison by drinking an antidote. By the end of the episode however, it is unclear which world is reality. 
Entropy Screenshot181118186ABB1830 april 20024.5
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:Drew Z. Greenberg
Anya seeks vengeance on Xander and when looking for someone who wants the same, she finds comfort with Spike. Xander sees their impulsive behavior through a camera and tries to stake Spike. Willow and Tara arrange a date, which ends with the two of them kissing. 
Seeing Red Screenshot183119196ABB197 mei 20024.1
"Seeing Red
Regisseur:Michael Gershman
Schrijver:Steven S. DeKnight
Willow and Tara reconcile, and Tara tells Willow that Spike and Buffy have been sleeping together. Buffy stops The Trio when attempting a large-scale theft, but Warren escapes with a jetpack. Furious at being thwarted, Warren attempts to shoot Buffy, but also hits Tara who collapses and dies. 
Villains Screenshot185120206ABB2014 mei 20025.0
Regisseur:David Solomon
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Willow, after being told Tara cannot be resurrected, is pushed over the edge by her grief. After magically saving Buffy, a dark Willow hunts The Trio, starting with Warren. 
Two to Go Screenshot187121216ABB2121 mei 20025.3
"Two to Go" (deel 1)
Regisseur:Bill L. Norton
Schrijver:Douglas Petrie
The Scoobies must protect Jonathan and Andrew from Willow. 
Grave Screenshot188122226ABB2221 mei 20025.3
"Grave" (deel 2)
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:David Fury
Giles returns armed with temporary magic, but Willow defeats him and decides to end her suffering and the world's by bringing on an apocalypse. Xander attempts to stop her. In Africa, Spike completes a set of challenges given to him by a demon who offers him his soul if he is successful.