Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Buffy Seizoen 4 DVD Regio 4

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Netwerk The WB
Looptijd 5 oktober 1999
23 mei 2000
Afleveringen 22 afleveringen
Eerste aflevering The Freshman
Laatste aflevering Restless
DVD uitgaves
Regio 1 10 juni 2003
Regio 2 13 mei 2002
Regio 4 20 mei 2002
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The Freshman Screenshot575714ABB015 oktober 19994.4
"The Freshman
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
While Willow blossoms in the college environment, Buffy has a difficult time adjusting - getting lost, getting kicked out of a class for talking, meeting her Celine Dion-loving roommate Kathy - and her Slaying suffers because of it. 
Living Conditions Screenshot595824ABB0212 oktober 19993.8
"Living Conditions
Regisseur:David Grossman
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Buffy becomes convinced that her annoying roommate is evil, but her friends think she is crazy. Buffy steals Kathy's toenail clippings to prove that Kathy is a demon and they get into a fight. 
Spike Vamp615934ABB0319 oktober 19993.4
"The Harsh Light of Day
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:Jane Espenson
Spike returns to Sunnydale for a gem that will make him invincible. He finds it, but Buffy gets it away from him and decides to send it to Angel. Buffy returns to dating but ends up being let down and hurt. 
Fear, Itself Screenshot636044ABB0426 oktober 19994.1
"Fear, Itself
Regisseur:Tucker Gates
Schrijver:David Fury
The gang find themselves in a real-life house of horrors while at a Halloween frat party, in which a fear demon feeds on their individual fears. Meanwhile, Anya needs Giles to help her save Xander when she realizes something is amiss. 
Beer Bad Screenshot656154ABB052 november 19993.5
"Beer Bad
Regisseur:David Solomon
Schrijver:Tracey Forbes
Xander gets a job bartending at the college pub; Buffy drinks with upperclassmen at that pub. It turns out that the bar manager is spiking the beer with some supernatural mojo, causing the targets to revert to caveman mentality. 
Wild at Heart Screenshot676264ABB069 november 19994.1
"Wild at Heart
Regisseur:David Grossman
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Oz encounters another werewolf, Veruca, who wants him to stop caging himself and hurt people. Physically attracted to her, Oz locks her in his cage to prevent her from attacking people. Willow finds them in the morning both naked. Heartbroken, she tries to do a spell but can't go through with it, leaving her vulnerable to wolf Veruca. Oz and Buffy save the day with Oz leaving town soon after. 
The Initiative Screenshot696374ABB0716 november 19993.5
"The Initiative
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:Douglas Petrie
Spike, who was captured by the commandos, is being held hostage by them in a hi-tech facility underneath the University. Spike escapes and heads to find Buffy, who he assumes is behind this; Riley realizes he has a crush on Buffy. 
Pangs Screenshot716484ABB0823 november 19994.2
Regisseur:Michael Lange
Schrijver:Jane Espenson
Xander accidentally releases Hus, a Native American vengeance spirit. Angel secretly arrives in Sunnydale to protect Buffy (who is attempting a perfect Thanksgiving) from the spirit. 
Something Blue Screenshot736594ABB0930 november 19993.7
"Something Blue
Regisseur:Nick Marck
Schrijver:Tracey Forbes
A spell by Willow goes awry, blinding Giles, making Xander a literal demon-magnet, and causing Buffy and Spike to fall in love and get engaged. Once Willow realizes her mistake, she goes about reversing it. 
Hush Screenshot7566104ABB1014 december 19994.1
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
The Gentlemen steal the voices of the population of Sunnydale, rendering everyone in the town (including the Scooby Gang) unable to speak. Giles reveals that the only thing that can defeat The Gentleman is a real human scream. This episode is mostly silent (aside from music) from the point The Gentlemen steal Sunnydale's voices. 
Doomed Screenshot7767114ABB1118 januari 20003.5
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
David Fury
Jane Espenson
An earthquake occurs in Sunnydale, which signifies the Hellmouth is opening. The gang must return to the remains of Sunnydale High to stop it; Buffy and Riley struggle with each other's secrets. 
A New Man Screenshot7968124ABB1225 januari 20003.9
"A New Man
Regisseur:Michael Gershman
Schrijver:Jane Espenson
Giles, feeling left out, goes out for drinks with Ethan Rayne. He wakes up in the morning as a Fyarl demon, and hires Spike to help him. Mistaking him for a Fyarl demon, The Initiative and Buffy try to hunt him down. 
The I in Team Screenshot8169134ABB138 februari 20003.5
"The I in Team
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:David Fury
When Professor Walsh decides Buffy is a threat to The Initiative, she decides to kill her by sending her on a dangerous mission. Riley discovers that Professor Walsh has tried to kill Buffy and begins to think seriously of leaving the organization. 
Goodbye Iowa Screenshot8370144ABB1415 februari 20003.1
"Goodbye Iowa
Regisseur:David Solomon
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Buffy discovers The Initiative's secret weapon; Riley becomes unstable due to the death of Professor Walsh and drug withdrawal; Adam reveals some information about himself, while trying to learn about people by investigating their insides. 
This Year's Girl Screenshot8571154ABB1522 februari 20003.8
"This Year's Girl" (deel 1)
Regisseur:Michael Gershman
Schrijver:Douglas Petrie
Faith wakes up from her eight-month coma and seeks revenge against Buffy. After failing to attack her, she switches bodies with Buffy using a gift left to her by Richard Wilkins III, the now-dead mayor. 
Who Are You Screenshot8772164ABB1629 februari 20003.5
"Who Are You" (deel 2)
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
Buffy (in Faith's body) is abducted by the Council's team, while Faith (in Buffy's body) has ruthless fun at the expense of Buffy. After Faith and Buffy (as each other) rescue a group of people in a church that has been attacked by vampires, they switch their bodies back. Faith begins to feel remorse, and heads to L.A. 
Superstar Screenshot8973174ABB174 april 20002.8
Regisseur:David Grossman
Schrijver:Jane Espenson
Jonathan casts a spell to cause all of Sunnydale to believe that he is the titular "superstar". However, the spell comes with a price - it conjures up a monster which endangers the town. 
Where the Wild Things Are Screenshot9174184ABB1825 april 20002.7
"Where the Wild Things Are
Regisseur:David Solomon
Schrijver:Tracey Forbes
When Buffy and Riley rouse a supernatural force at the fraternity party house, they are held hostage by ghost children who were abused by a Christian fundamentalist and now seek revenge. Willow, Tara, and Giles perform a spell to stop the spirits. 
Oz Weerwolf9375194ABB192 mei 20002.9
"New Moon Rising
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Oz returns to Sunnydale after learning to control his werewolf instincts. However, he loses control when he suspects Tara and Willow's relationship, and is subsequently caught by the Initiative. 
The Yoko Factor Screenshot9576204ABB209 mei 20003.0
"The Yoko Factor
Regisseur:David Grossman
Schrijver:Douglas Petrie
Riley spars with Angel when Angel visits Sunnydale; Adam convinces Spike that he will take his chip out if he helps him get Buffy where he wants, Spike agrees and sets out to distance the Scoobies from each other. 
Primeval Screenshot9777214ABB2116 mei 20003.4
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:David Fury
The Scoobies reveal Adam's plan of releasing an army of hybrid cyborg monsters. A composite being created by a spell, combining the powers and personalities of Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles kill Adam after an intense fight. 
Restless Screenshot9978224ABB2223 mei 20003.2
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
A primordial spirit haunts Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Xander in their individual, cryptic nightmares involving the First Slayer as a result of the magic done in the previous episode. 
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