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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Seizoen 3
DVD cover art
Netwerk The WB
Looptijd 29 september 199813 juli 1999
Afleveringen 22 afleveringen
Eerste aflevering Anne
Laatste aflevering Graduation Day, Deel Twee
DVD uitgaves
Regio 1 7 januari 2003
Regio 2 29 oktober 2001
Regio 4 22 november 2001
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serie seizoen
Anne Screenshot353513ABB0129 september 19984.7
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
Still not knowing Buffy's whereabouts, the rest of the gang return to school and take over the slaying. Meanwhile Buffy, who is now living under an assumed identity, is recognized in a diner, and begins her fight to return home from the Netherworld she has fallen into. 
Dead Man's Party Screenshot363623ABB026 oktober 19984.3
"Dead Man's Party
Regisseur:James Whitmore, Jr.
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Buffy struggles to fit back into Sunnydale life. She feels her friends and family have grown distant while she was away. Meanwhile, a Nigerian demon mask summons an army of zombies straight to Buffy's house...where everyone is celebrating her arrival. 
Faith, Hope & Trick Screenshot373733ABB0313 oktober 19983.9
"Faith, Hope & Trick
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:David Greenwalt
Another Slayer, Faith, arrives in Sunnydale, closely tracked by two vampires, thoroughly modern Mr. Trick and incredibly ancient Kakistos. Buffy and Faith set out to put an end to Kakistos. Buffy finally accepts Scott Hope's invitation to date. 
Beauty and the Beasts Screenshot383843ABB0420 oktober 19984.3
"Beauty and the Beasts
Regisseur:James Whitmore, Jr.
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
After Oz escapes from his cage, everyone suspects that he committed last night's brutal murders. Only Buffy knows that Angel is a suspect as well. 
Homecoming Screenshot393953ABB053 november 19984.3
Regisseur:David Greenwalt
Schrijver:David Greenwalt
Buffy and Cordelia compete for Homecoming Queen while Mr. Trick organizes SlayerFest '98. Willow and Xander kiss, although each is seeing someone else. Unknown to SlayerFest personnel, Cordelia changes places with Faith. Buffy and Cordy reconcile while trying to defeat Mr. Trick's contestants. 
Band Candy Screenshot404063ABB0610 november 19984.1
"Band Candy
Regisseur:Michael Lange
Schrijver:Jane Espenson
A candy created by Ethan Rayne causes Sunnydale's adults to behave like teenagers. Buffy confronts Rayne and makes him tell her about a plan to sacrifice Sunnydale newborns to a monster in the sewers. 
Revelations Screenshot414173ABB0717 november 19984.4
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:Douglas Petrie
Faith's new Watcher, Gwendolyn Post, arrives in Sunnydale. Xander discovers Buffy's secret and manipulates Faith into attempting to slay Angel, while Ms. Post is revealed to be more than meets the eye. 
Lovers Walk Screenshot424283ABB0824 november 19983.7
"Lovers Walk
Regisseur:David Semel
Schrijver:Dan Vebber
A lovelorn Spike returns and kidnaps Willow to cast a love spell on Drusilla. Stashing Willow and a wounded Xander at the factory, Spike soon concocts a new plan while Buffy, Oz, Giles, and Cordelia hunt their friends down. 
Willow Vamp434393ABB098 december 19984.2
"The Wish
Regisseur:David Greenwalt
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Cordelia's pain over Xander's betrayal summons Anyanka, a vengeance demon who grants wishes to scorned women. Cordelia wishes that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale, and constructs an alternate reality where the Master rose from the dead and the Harvest took over Sunnydale. Giles discovers this in the alternate reality and realizes he is able to reverse the events. 
Amends Screenshot4444103ABB1015 december 19984.3
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
The First Evil is driving Angel insane, appearing as victims of his past crimes, priming him to kill Buffy. Instead, he tries to kill himself. 
Gingerbread Screenshot4545113ABB1112 januari 19994.2
Regisseur:James Whitmore, Jr.
Schrijver:Verhaal door:
Thania St. John
Jane Espenson
Teleplay door:
Jane Espenson
After two children are mysteriously killed, apparently as part of a cult sacrifice, Joyce leads the town in a witch hunt - but all is not quite as it seems. Buffy, Willow, and Amy Madison are tied to stakes and Giles and Cordelia must rescue them, while Amy turns herself into a rat to escape the angry mob. 
Helpless Screenshot4646123ABB1219 januari 19994.6
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:David Fury
Giles secretly prepares Buffy for the Cruciamentum, an ordeal the Watchers' Council requires every Slayer endure on her eighteenth birthday. Giles helps Buffy, thereby affecting his job as a watcher. 
The Zeppo Screenshot4747133ABB1326 januari 19994.1
"The Zeppo
Regisseur:James Whitmore, Jr.
Schrijver:Dan Vebber
Xander tries to be cool and hangs out with Jack O'Toole, who resurrects three of his former buddies. Xander soon realizes they are up to something deadly and attempts to hide. Meanwhile, the others need to prevent the Sisterhood of Jhe from reopening the Hellmouth. 
Bad Girls Screenshot4848143ABB149 februari 19994.2
"Bad Girls
Regisseur:Michael Lange
Schrijver:Douglas Petrie
The Slayers get a new Watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. The girls are having a wild night at The Bronze, where Angel brings info on the whereabouts of the demon, Balthazar. 
Consequences Screenshot4949153ABB1516 februari 19994.1
Regisseur:Michael Gershman
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Faith tells Giles that Buffy is the one who slew the Deputy Mayor. Angel apprehends Faith, but Wesley thwarts his intervention and allows Faith to escape. She plans to leave town on the next freighter. 
Doppelgangland Screenshot5050163ABB1623 februari 19994.4
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
Wanting to be a vengeance demon again, Anya tricks Willow into helping with a spell to retrieve her power center, the amulet Giles destroyed in an alternate reality. Instead of the amulet, however, the spell transports Willow's vampire version to an unsuspecting Sunnydale. 
Enemies Screenshot5151173ABB1716 maart 19994.1
Regisseur:David Grossman
Schrijver:Douglas Petrie
The Mayor and Faith plot to use a demon to steal Angel's soul and let Angelus remove Buffy from the picture. 
Earshot Screenshot5252183ABB1821 september 19993.6
Regisseur:Regis Kimble
Schrijver:Jane Espenson
Buffy is infected by a demon's blood and gains the ability to read minds. At Sunnydale High, Buffy overhears someone through mind-reading making a violent death threat to the whole school. As she goes insane hearing everyone's thoughts all at once, Angel, Giles, and Wesley struggle to save her. 
Choices Screenshot5353193ABB194 mei 19993.6
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:David Fury
When Wesley tells her she cannot leave Sunnydale to go to a fine college, Buffy launches an offensive to shut down the Mayor's plans for Ascension. Willow chooses among colleges while Xander plans a road trip. 
The Prom Screenshot5454203ABB2011 mei 19993.8
"The Prom
Regisseur:David Solomon
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Angel decides to do the right thing and break up with Buffy. Meanwhile, Buffy has to save the prom from Hellhounds with a fetish for formal wear. Angel shows up for the last dance. 
Graduation Day 1 Screenshot5555213ABB2118 mei 19993.6
"Graduation Day, Deel Eén
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
While the Mayor prepares for his Ascension, Faith goes around "tying up" loose ends, one of those being Angel. Faith shoots Angel with a poisoned arrow, and Buffy must battle Faith to save Angel's life, needing her Slayer blood as antidote. 
Graduation Day 2 Screenshot5656223ABB2213 juli 19994.4
"Graduation Day, Deel Twee
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
Buffy forces Angel to feed on her to save his life and he must rush her to the hospital to save hers. The Mayor, as a guest speaker at Sunnydale, Ascends and becomes the demon Olvikan. Meanwhile, Faith remains in a coma, from which the doctors expect her never to wake.