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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Seizoen 2
DVD cover art
Netwerk The WB
Looptijd 15 september 199719 mei 1998
Afleveringen 22 afleveringen
Eerste aflevering When She Was Bad
Laatste aflevering Becoming, Deel Twee
DVD uitgaves
Regio 1 11 juni 2002
Regio 2 21 mei 2001
Regio 4 15 juni 2001
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When She Was Bad Screenshot131315V0115 september 19972.8
"When She Was Bad
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
Buffy suffers a vision in which the Master, undead, kills her once again. The Anointed One plans to resurrect the slain Master in a ritual using his exhumed skeleton, with kidnapped Scooby Gang members as blood sacrifices. Buffy rescues her friends, then deals with her residual fear and anger by obliterating the Master entirely. 
Some Assembly Required Screenshot141425V0222 september 19973.1
"Some Assembly Required
Regisseur:Bruce Seth Green
Schrijver:Ty King
Bodies of girls killed in traffic accidents are being dug from their graves. The culprits are two science students, Chris and Eric, using pieces of the girls to create a bride for Chris' monstrous brother, Daryl. The only thing the young monsters need now is Cordy's head—can the Scooby Gang members arrive in time to save her? 
School Hard Screenshot151535V0329 september 19973.3
"School Hard
Regisseur:John T. Kretchmer
Schrijver:Verhaal door:
Joss Whedon
David Greenwalt
Teleplay door:
David Greenwalt
The Night of St. Vigeous is fast approaching, when the power of all vampires will be at its peak. Spike and Drusilla blast into town and learn that Sunnydale has its very own Slayer. Impatient to add a third notch to his tally of Slayer-kills, Spike attacks Buffy at Sunnydale High on Parent Teacher Night—with disastrous results. 
Inca Mummy Girl Screenshot161645V046 oktober 19973.1
"Inca Mummy Girl
Regisseur:Ellen S. Pressman
Schrijver:Matt Kiene
Joe Reinkemeyer
After the seal of protection lying in her sarcophagus is broken, a mummified Incan girl in a museum exhibit is revivified when she sucks the life-force from a touring student. An unsuspecting Xander falls head over heels for the Latin beauty, Ampata, and must save Willow when his mistake threatens to cost her her life. 
Reptile Boy Screenshot171755V0513 oktober 19973.4
"Reptile Boy
Regisseur:David Greenwalt
Schrijver:David Greenwalt
Upset again at Angel, Buffy lies to Giles and goes to a frat party with Cordelia, where their dates drug them and chain them in the basement. The house brothers worship a snake demon and sacrifice girls to it annually in exchange for wealth and power. Giles, Angel, and Willow compare notes and meet up with Xander just in time to help Buffy break up the cabal. 
Halloween Screenshot181865V0627 oktober 19973.6
Regisseur:Bruce Seth Green
Schrijver:Carl Ellsworth
Costume shop owner Ethan Rayne casts a spell that transforms kids into their costume personae. Angel and Cordelia try to help as Willow becomes a ghost, Xander a soldier, and Buffy a brainless, helpless 18th-century noblewoman. Spike joins the fun and tries to take advantage of the Slayer's predicament, but Giles breaks Ethan's spell at a critical moment. 
Lie to Me Screenshot191975V073 november 19973.3
"Lie to Me
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
Out patrolling, Buffy spies Angel with a demonstrative Drusilla, then catches him in a lie later. Billy "Ford" Fordham, Buffy's long-time LA school chum, transfers to Sunnydale High, but nobody suspects he is negotiating a deal with Spike—and offering the Slayer as trade goods. Angel discreetly enlists Willow's help. 
The Dark Age Screenshot202085V0810 november 19973.6
"The Dark Age
Regisseur:Bruce Seth Green
Schrijver:Dean Batali
Rob Des Hotel
Haunted by his dark past when he was known as Ripper, Giles confronts his old crony Ethan Rayne in an attempt to save Jenny from the lethal consequences of possession by the demon Eyghon. With Giles and the Slayer slated as its next victims, demon-ridden Angel forces Eyghon to possess him instead. 
What's My Line 1 Screenshot212195V0917 november 19973.4
"What's My Line, Deel Eén
Regisseur:David Solomon
Schrijver:Howard Gordon
Marti Noxon
To get help killing Buffy while he intensifies his search for Dru's cure, Spike calls upon the Order of Taraka. Buffy is attacked by a series of assassins, including her heir "Kendra, the Vampire Slayer", who was called when Buffy died at the end of Season 1 and initially mistakes Buffy for a vampire. Kendra, having seen "vampire" Buffy kissing vampire Angel, has already taken Angel out of the picture. 
What's My Line 2 Screenshot2222105V1024 november 19973.4
"What's My Line, Deel Twee
Regisseur:David Semel
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
While Career Week drags on at Sunnydale High, Buffy and Kendra form an uneasy alliance to stop Spike from sacrificing Angel, whose blood, ritually spilled when the moon is full, is Drusilla's only cure. The Slayers bring Spike's plan, to host a massive killing spree for Dru's "coming out party," down around his ears. 
Ted Screenshot2323115V118 december 19973.8
Regisseur:Bruce Seth Green
Schrijver:David Greenwalt
Joss Whedon
Buffy returns home one evening to find her mother kissing a stranger in the kitchen. Joyce's date, Ted, turns abusive with Buffy, who accidentally kills him in self-defense. Believing herself guilty of manslaughter, the Slayer is heartily relieved to learn that Ted is a serial killer android targeting Joyce as his next wife/victim. 
Bad Eggs Screenshot2424125V1212 januari 19984.0
"Bad Eggs
Regisseur:David Greenwalt
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
For Health class, students unknowingly adopt "eggs" of a Bezoar demon growing under the school. Its arachnoid "babies" are able to directly control a person's central nervous system. Dealing with a pair of outlaw vampire brothers in addition to slaying the enormous Bezoar before its progeny take over Sunnydale, Buffy gets ultra-grounded for her trouble. 
Surprise Screenshot2525135V1319 januari 19984.3
"Surprise" (deel 1)
Regisseur:Michael Lange
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Buffy turns 17 and the Scoobies plan a surprise party. Meanwhile Drusilla plans her own celebration as Spike collects her presents: the disassembled pieces of The Judge, an ancient demon called to cleanse the world of humanity. Stymied at every turn, Buffy and Angel go back to his place to regroup, where they confess their deepest feelings and make love for the first time. Afterwards, Angel wakes in the middle of the night calling Buffy's name in anguish... 
Innocence Screenshot2626145V1420 januari 19985.1
"Innocence" (deel 2)
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
Because he finds even "one moment of true happiness" in Buffy's arms, Angel's curse is nullified; he loses his soul and reverts to his former self, the vicious super-evil killer vampire, Angelus who teams up with Spike and Drusilla to have the Judge destroy humanity. Jenny Calendar turns out to be a Gypsy spy. Devastated by these betrayals, Buffy still takes out the reputedly indestructible Judge using her birthday present from Xander—a stolen rocket launcher. 
Phases Screenshot2727155V1527 januari 19984.8
Regisseur:Bruce Seth Green
Schrijver:Rob Des Hotel
Dean Batali
There's a werewolf at large in Sunnydale and the Scoobies discover that it's Oz. Buffy tries to protect Sunnydale residents from the beast's savagery, and protect the savage beast from a bounty hunter who doesn't care that his target is human 28 days out of 31. Meanwhile, Angelus stirs up more trouble for Buffy. Willow convinces Oz she still wants to see him, despite everything. 
Bewitched Screenshot2828165V1610 februari 19984.4
"Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Regisseur:James A. Contner
Schrijver:Marti Noxon
Valentine's Day has everyone on edge. With secret reluctance, Cordelia dumps Xander to appease her friends. Crushed, Xander coerces Amy to cast a love spell, but it goes awry and every woman in Sunnydale, except Cordy, becomes pathologically attracted to him. A smitten Dru saves Xander from Angelus, but who will save him from the screaming mob? 
Passion Screenshot2929175V1724 februari 19984.2
Regisseur:Michael Gershman
Schrijver:Ty King
Angelus kicks his terror campaign against Buffy and her friends into high gear, leading them to believe Joyce is his next target. Jenny makes progress rediscovering the gypsy Ritual of Restoration and, with Buffy's terse blessing, gets back together with Giles. Jenny and Giles also work with Buffy and Willow to ritually revoke Angel's invitations into their various homes. Angelus takes his anger out on Jenny with tragic results. 
Killed by Death Screenshot3030185V183 maart 19984.0
"Killed by Death
Regisseur:Deran Sarafian
Schrijver:Rob Des Hotel
Dean Batali
After flu lands Buffy in the hospital, she rescues fevered children from Der Kindestod, a nightmare demon invisible to healthy people. When getting well means losing her ability to fight the demon, Buffy reinfects herself. In saving the other children, she also avenges her young cousin and puts her own hospital phobia to rest. 
Go Fish Screenshot3232205V205 mei 19983.5
"Go Fish
Regisseur:David Semel
Schrijver:David Fury
Elin Hampton
Xander goes undercover on the Sunnydale swim team after members begin turning up dead. Apparently, the swim-team coach gives fish/steroid cocktails to the swim team to get them to perform, but it turns them into sea monsters. 
Becoming 1 Screenshot3333215V2112 mei 19983.7
"Becoming, Deel Eén
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
Kendra's Watcher sends her back to Sunnydale because a dark power is rising: Angelus, Spike, and Drusilla have found a petrified demon called Acathla and plans to perform a ritual that will allow Acathla to wake up and suck every living thing on the planet into hell. 
Becoming 2 Screenshot3434225V2219 mei 19984.1
"Becoming, Deel Twee
Regisseur:Joss Whedon
Schrijver:Joss Whedon
With Kendra murdered by Drusilla, Willow in the hospital with head trauma, and Giles kidnapped by Angelus, Buffy must decode Whistler's cryptic clues and accept help from an unexpected source (Spike) to stop Angelus in order to prevent the world from being sucked into Acathla's hell dimension.