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Angel Comic Uitgave
Barbary Coast, #1
Barbary Coast 1 Cover
Uitgavedatum 14 april 2010
Uitgeven door IDW Publishing
Uitgave #1
Pagina's 32
Barbary Coast
Angel: Omnibus, Volume 2
Geschreven door David Tischman
Getekend door Franco Urru
Geïnkt door Franco Urru
Ingekleurd door Andrea Priorini
Editor Mariah Huehner
Cover gemaakt door Franco Urru
Dan Panosian
Tekst bewerkt door Neil Uyetake
Barbary Coast
Barbary Coast, Deel Twee


Barbary Coast, Deel Eén is de 1e uitgave in de serie Barbary Coast.

In 1906, Angel was staying at the Carlton Hotel in San Francisco. At night he went out to the Chinatown district to find a man named Xin. He was unsuccessful for at least two weeks and threatened a prostitute to tell him where to find Xin, when an old man (secretly Xin) interrupted them and told Angel he would tell him where to find Xin, if Angel could defeat the old man in combat. Angel was almost successful, but the man used a sheet of parchment with magical markings on it to knock Angel out. The man then had his two large bodyguards bring Angel to his hideout.

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Barbary Coast, Deel Eén
Barbary Coast
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Barbary Coast, Deel Twee