Buffy Comic Uitgave
Buffy Seizoen 8, #10
Anywhere but Here Cover
Uitgavedatum 2 januari 2008
Uitgeven door Dark Horse Comics
Uitgave #10
Pagina's 25
No Future for You
Season 8 Library Edition, Volume 1
Geschreven door Joss Whedon
Getekend door Cliff Richards
Geïnkt door Andy Owens
Ingekleurd door Dave Stewart
Editor Scott Allie
Cover gemaakt door Jo Chen
Georges Jeanty
Tekst bewerkt door Richard Starkings
Jimmy Betancourt
Buffy Seizoen 8
No Future for You, Deel Vier
A Beautiful Sunset

Anywhere But Here is de 10e uitgave in de serie Buffy Seizoen 8.

A Minder named Robin welcomes Buffy and Willow to Tichajt who presents to them the past, present and future, revealing kept secrets between the best friends. Dawn embarrassingly reveals to Xander that she did not sleep with her boyfriend like most suspect: she slept with his college roommate.

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No Future for You, Deel Vier
Anywhere But Here
Buffy Seizoen 8
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A Beautiful Sunset
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