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AngelAfter the Fall, #17
After the Fall 17 Cover
Uitgavedatum 11 februari 2009
Uitgeven door IDW Publishing
Uitgave #17
Pagina's 32
After the Fall, Volume 4
After the Fall, Premiere Edition
Geschreven door Brian Lynch
Joss Whedon
Getekend door Franco Urru
Geïnkt door Franco Urru
Ingekleurd door Fabio Mantovani
Federica Manfredi
Mirco Pierfederici
AngelAfter the Fall
After the Fall, Deel Zestien
Aftermath, Deel Eén
Live Through This, Deel Eén


After the Fall, Deel Zeventien is de 17e uitgave in de serie AngelAfter the Fall.

One month has passed. Angel and Nina research the mystery of the vanished Wolfram & Hart building at the public library (a wing of which has been renamed for Fred and Wesley). Angel leaves Cordelia the dragon in the care of Groosalugg as part of an attempt to reclaim his anonymity. Meanwhile, Spike rescues Betta George from one of the resurrected Lords of Hell, who warns him that the Lords want revenge against Angel and plan to do it by striking against the ones close to him. Realizing who the first target is, Angel, Spike, and George rush to the aid of Gunn (who is in a coma), but Illyria is revealed to be single-handedly protecting him. This allows Angel to peacefully visit Gunn in his hospital room and forgive him for the actions Gunn took while in Hell. Leaving Gunn with an Angel Investigations card, Angel walks off into the night, once more looking to help the helpless.

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After the Fall, Deel Zestien
After the Fall, Deel Zeventien
AngelAfter the Fall
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