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AngelAfter the Fall, #4
After the Fall 4 Cover
Uitgavedatum 20 februari 2008
Uitgeven door IDW Publishing
Uitgave #4
Pagina's 32
After the Fall, Volume 1
After the Fall, Premiere Edition
Geschreven door Brian Lynch
Joss Whedon
Getekend door Franco Urru
Geïnkt door Franco Urru
Ingekleurd door Ilaria Traversi
AngelAfter the Fall
After the Fall, Deel Drie
After the Fall, Deel Vijf


After the Fall, Deel Vier is de 4e uitgave in de serie AngelAfter the Fall.

At Wolfram and Hart, Angel is healed through mystic chants that fix his mortal wounds. Two demons arrive and beckon Angel to follow them, while outside, Gunn prepares for an attack on the building. Angel and Wes are taken to the town of Silver Lake, which is ruled by their old ally Lorne, who notifies them of his neutral stance concerning the upcoming battle. After Angel has a reunion with Groosalugg, Gunn and his vampire minions plant a bomb in the empty Wolfram and Hart building, completely destroying it. Wesley's ghost fades away as Angel prepares for the battle ahead.

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After the Fall, Deel Drie
After the Fall, Deel Vier
AngelAfter the Fall
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After the Fall, Deel Vijf