Angel Comic Uitgave
AngelAfter the Fall, #1
After the Fall 1 Cover
Uitgavedatum 21 november 2007
Uitgeven door IDW Publishing
Uitgave #1
Pagina's 32
After the Fall, Volume 1
After the Fall, Premiere Edition
Geschreven door Brian Lynch
Joss Whedon
Getekend door Franco Urru
Geïnkt door Franco Urru
Ingekleurd door Ilaria Traversi
AngelAfter the Fall
After the Fall, Deel Twee
Not Fade Away

After the Fall, Deel Eén is de 1e uitgave in de serie AngelAfter the Fall.

Following Angel and company's battle against Wolfram & Hart in "Not Fade Away", Los Angeles has literally been sent to hell; human survivors are scattered in camps around the city, and Angel has taken up arms against the near-constant threat. Demon lords, including Burge, Lord of Downtown L.A., rule separate boroughs of the city. Angel, having tamed a dragon, rescues citizens from the destruction and sends them to Connor, Gwen, and Nina for sanctuary. Meanwhile, the deceased Wesley is now an incorporeal representative of Wolfram & Hart, and Gunn has been turned into a vampire.

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After the Fall, Deel Eén
AngelAfter the Fall
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After the Fall, Deel Twee
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