• Hey, Publicité. It's been some time you've been duplicating and translating the content from the Buffyverse Wiki, so here's some useful links in the matter:

    Understanding Attribution on Wikia - Semanticdrifter via Fandom

    Attribution - Pas d'Utilisation Commerciale 3.0 non transposé - Creative Commons

    Licence - Fandom

    I understand we're all learning and assume only the best intentions from you, so I hope you too understand some behaviors can also work against collaborative effort.

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    • Publicité, I see that despite my message you continue with this behavior, so I'm asking you to stop plagiarizing the Buffyverse Wiki at once. You have the option of giving credit to the original contributors either explicitly mentioning this in each article or using the import/export tools supported by Fandom itself. It's bothersome that you aren't even a minor contributor to this content, so you might have no idea how harmful and disrespectuful this behavior is to research, study, creativity, writing, and collaboration. Translation is always welcome, but attribution is morally and legaly obligatory.

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    • Un utilisateur de FANDOM
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